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 Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Wellness

Our program provides educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and groups that are underrepresented in the Biological Sciences, Physics, and Engineering, as well as military veterans and students with disabilities.


The Interdisciplinary Predoctoral Training Program in Quantitative Mechanobiology brings biologists, physicists, and engineers together to train predoctoral researchers in mechanobiology: the relationship between molecular events and mechanical forces in living systems. This training program supports trainees from seven graduate degree programs (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; Mechanical Engineering; Bioengineering, Biomolecular Science and Engineering; Physics; Chemical Engineering; and Materials) and augments their PhD programs with training in quantitative bioscience methods, engineering models and devices, and multi-disciplinary cross-training to develop and apply quantitative approaches to problems in mechanobiology. Training includes both didactic and hands-on training in mechanobiology methods and concepts. In addition, trainees will be integrated into a strong community of interdisciplinary mechanobiology researchers through tailored networking, career training, and professional development activities. Trainees from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and groups will be prepared to lead rigorous biomedical research programs and promote scientific advances in academia, industry, national labs, and technology and policy careers.